What is the Morgan Bumper?

The Morgan Bumper is a protective device for
people who wear braces. It is a C-shaped channel
made of soft, pliable, medical grade plastic that
fits easily over the brackets of orthodontic braces
to "Bumper" lips and cheeks against discomfort.

What is the difference between wax and the Morgan Bumper?

Wax has been the answer for mouth sores caused by braces for decades--until the Morgan Bumper. Wax can be clumpy and uneven and it can fall out. You will find it ground into the carpet and it gets blown into your musical instrument. The Morgan Bumper is uniform in size and pliable at body temperature to conform to each individual arch.


      Can it be used with all braces?

The Morgan Bumper accommodates most all
brackets to provide relief from lip and cheek
trauma often associated with the brackets and
wires of braces.

How long does a Bumper last?

The material is reusable but should be changed frequently (a few times
each month) for hygienic purposes. It must also be kept clean between

How is the Bumper packaged?

The Morgan Bumper is available in packages that
contain foot long strips of the material. Instructions are
sent with each order for cutting strips to size. A
package of five (5) strips or twenty (20) strips is
available in clear or fluorescent colors.

      Can I wear the Bumper all the time?

The Bumper is comfortable enough to be worn all your waking hours. However, DO NOT sleep, eat or swim with the Bumper in place. The Bumper is not meant to take the place of a sports mouth guard.

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